2018 | Branding, Packaging | Client: Lastlets LLC 

October 2018—Present
Create a brand identity and packaging for a DTC product that protects clothing from underarm sweat.
Logo, color scheme, keywords, packaging
Lastlets is a direct to consumer product that protects clothing from underarm sweat.

The goal is to create a brand that stands out from its competitors through simple yet creative branding.


The logotype is set in Apercu, a grotesque sans-serif with lots of character. I set it in all lowercase so the logo would seem more friendly and approachable.

My client was very happy with the wordmark, but agreed to look into options for a symbol. After lots of back and forth, we landed on option D.

Color Scheme

I proposed color schemes A, B, and C to my client in the first round. Based off their feedback (they loved option C), I created four directions off C for them to consider. We mutually agreed on C4 for Lastlet’s primary color scheme.


I created two directions for graphic elements, and my clients preferred option A’s approach to the organic, oversized direction I was going for in option B. My client’s feedback helped me gauge the design style they were looking for before I designed the packaging.

I showed several options for the mailer bag that would contain the product. Option A was the winner.